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First, a note: At this current period of time, the gift of psychotherapy can be a huge support for our lives and for our community, providing stability, support, and a feeling that we can work together for our common good. Pure wisdom exists across many fields and disciplines, and that wisdom certainly flows through the field of psychology.


In its essence, the field of a psychology can be a precious treasure because it is the inner science of freedom and fulfillment. We can become increasingly free of limiting beliefs and conditioning and become more of who we really are. What is more important than that?

Not all psychotherapists will approach psychology in quite this way, with the language I'm using. I wish to communicate a certain flavor and urgency. Because more often than not, psychology loses its true substance and does not contain the wisdom element that I am referring to. We might say that psychology loses its "soul", or its deep inward meaning. This happens when we take the view that we are like machines that need to be fixed. We want a quick fix - in and out.

Of course, we do often need to resolve certain issues efficiently, and efficiency is absolutely needed. However, if we approach ourselves only in this manner, we may get certain results, but that part of us that is in the deepest need of healing will not feel touched by therapy. We can only be deeply moved when we encounter something real and genuine.   


I've been extremely fortunate to encounter disciplines, modalities, groups, and teachers, that have integrated the dimensions of expertise and genuine depth and meaning. This has shaped me both as a person and a therapist, and I am acutely aware of how badly we need both, and never more so than in this heightened collective moment.





Whole Being Psychotherapy is dedicated to the integration of psychology, somatic work, neuroscience, and the study of human potential. I am a registered psychotherapist in the state of Colorado, and I received my Master's Degree in Counseling from Regis University, in Denver, Colorado. I received my Bachelor's Degree in Contemplative Psychology with a concentration in Somatic Psychology, from Naropa University.




Abstract Water

Group Work



Group work includes group therapy, specialized classes on certain subjects, psycho-spiritual education, and small groups dedicated to spiritual work. Groups meet either occasionally or on an ongoing basis.

Circular Cieling

When psychology and the depths of  being meet each other

Group Bonding

Adolescents and Young Adults

I welcome those clients who are having general difficulties with school, family life, or peer groups. Developing a relationship with a trusted ally can be immensely supportive. I practice traditional psychotherapy with this age group

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Therapy can be a supportive and safe context for discovering who we really are in relationships, and for practicing new relational skills. We shouldn't settle for anything less than real, authentic relationship.   

Leaf Beauty

We're extremely fortunate to be able to integrate cutting-edge somatic therapies that help us regain our natural confidence in in our body and nervous system. This is the most gentle, sensitive, and intelligent approach to healing trauma.


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 My office is located at the Boulder Healing Hub:



Address: 1650 38th St.                         

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Phone:    720-417-3089

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