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Holding Hands

Holding your experience with deep care

How I work with grief and loss

The process of grieving and loss is a very personal one, and we need to process our experience both alone and with others. Therapy can help us do both. Because of its personal nature, I prefer not to write at length about how I approach it, in order to respect each client’s experience.


It is coming from both from my personal experience, and my professional opinion, that our process around grief and loss should not conform to anybody else's perspective or formula about how the process should go or look like. Each individuals process has its own wisdom and pace in how it unfolds. 


What’s needed, above all, is a supportive environment of “holding” your process, exactly as it is. Holding the process means simply giving all of the different parts of you time and space, with attuned and caring attention.


When we feel adequately held in our experience, there is a sense of trust that our experience can unfold organically. And if something comes up in your process where you need help working through a particular issue or challenge, we can therapeutically address that.

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