Transpersonal Psychotherapy

For some individuals, it is necessary for their psychological healing and development to explore and realize deeper states of consciousness that offer, among other things, greater freedom, presence, self-understanding, acceptance, love, joy, and meaning. “Transpersonal psychology” is the specific name given to the field of psychology that specializes in studying such phenomena of consciousness.


Traditionally, access to these deeper states of consciousness have come from participation in various wisdom and spiritual traditions, however the field of psychology has accumulated its own knowledge of how to access and integrate these experiences into normal daily life - without the need for belief systems - using conventional psychotherapeutic methods.


The most obvious example of Western psychology taking an interest in such matters has been the research of Buddhist systems of meditation, and particularly the explosion of scientific studies on “mindfulness” and its positive effects on mental and bodily health. Mindfulness is now fully incorporated into the field of psychology as an essential part of numerous evidence-based modalities of treatment, including Mindfulness-Based Therapy for Depression (MBTD), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Internal Family Systems (IFS), and Somatic Experiencing (SE).  

At its core, transpersonal psychotherapy is conventional therapy that merely includes a greater range of human experience as part of its natural understanding and practice. 

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