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Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Is this all there is to human life? Who am I, and why am I here?


Sometimes in life, these questions become more pressing for us. For some individuals, it is necessary for their psychological healing and development to explore if there is anything beyond the "ordinary" human experience. Certain psychological symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, and more, may not be purely related only to the biological, mental, or emotional dimensions of experience, but may extend into further dimensions of human experience, such as the subtle energetic and spiritual dimensions.


Psychology is an ancient field of knowledge that certainly was not discovered only in modern Western society, by pioneers such as Freud and Jung. Psychology is, truly, the study of the human mind and experience - understanding what ails us, and what can bring more  wholeness and well-being. Therefore, psychology belongs to a larger field of human world wisdom. The profound process of globalization that has taken place in recent history has given us the ability to learn from innumerable cultures and traditions of and healing and transformation.


Image by Sabine Schulte


The most obvious and visible example of Western psychology taking an interest in such matters has been the research of Buddhist systems of meditation, and particularly the explosion of scientific studies on “mindfulness” and its positive effects on mental and bodily health. Mindfulness is now fully incorporated into the field of psychology as an essential part of numerous evidence-based modalities of treatment, including Mindfulness-Based Therapy for Depression (MBTD), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Internal Family Systems (IFS), and Somatic Experiencing (SE).  

Buddhist meditation is only one example of how Eastern cultures can influence Western culture. Meditation, in fact, is part of every authentic wisdom tradition, and has been part of every Western spiritual tradition, including the Christian, Jewish, and Islamic traditions. Much of this profound knowledge has been lost over time, unfortunately, turning pearls of true knowledge of transformation into empty traditions and rituals, where the essential meaning and real "juice" is missing.  

At its core, transpersonal psychotherapy is conventional therapy that merely includes a greater range of human experience as part of its natural understanding and practice. 

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