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Growing deep roots in times of change



Change and transition are fundamental and unavoidable aspects of life, and we encounter many transitions and transitional “spaces” throughout our lives. Just by virtue of having a body, we must navigate all of the realities and transitions that arise within the various developmental stages throughout the lifespan.


Childhood, adolescence, early adulthood, middle adulthood, and late adulthood each possess their own unique physical and psychological tasks, obstacles, opportunities, and wisdom. As we know, moving through these developmental stages can be very challenging, but also deeply rewarding as we grow and mature in different ways. Sometimes help can be necessary as we enter and negotiate each phase.


Aside from the given developmental stages, we have all of the events and circumstances in life – planned and unplanned – that place us in unfamiliar territory. These events and circumstances can bring up new issues for us and/or trigger unresolved issues from our past. These can include but are not limited to:



• Loss of a family member, loved one, friend,

• Loss or change in relationship

• Loss of job or career

• Loss of physical or mental health

• Loss of community

• Loss of a core identity

• Traumatic events (or witnessing trauma) on the personal or collective level

• Transformational experiences or insights

• Religious, Spiritual, or Existential Crisis

• Getting married

• New relationship

• New career

• Change in residence

• Birth of a child



Transitions, though often bumpy and choiceless in nature, can offer opportunities for deep personal reflection, learning, healing, and inner growth. Our experience of a particular transition can be short in duration, or it can last for quite a while. Some transitions will put us on a path of continual transformation for the rest of our lives.


It is good to have various supports in place when our normal reality is challenged in order to provide us with as much solid ground as possible. Therapy can be one of these supports. Regardless of what is happening in our lives, having the space to process transition will always deeply benefit our personal process.  

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