Spiritual Development and Integration

Spiritual development, or self-realization, is fundamentally the recognition and experiencing our spiritual, or innermost nature. Spiritual integration, on the other hand, points to the gradual and permanent fusion of our spiritual and physical being. I work with clients who are just beginning to feel the need to discover their own true nature, as well as those who have consciously been on the spiritual journey for some time.

Generally speaking, the first step in the spiritual process is the recognition of what our spiritual nature actually is, and the basic fact of its existence. This is usually a gradual developmental process with its own timing. It's possible to experience this spiritual 'element', or presence, in us in a very clear, immediate, and tangible manner. This requires a deepening refinement of special, and typically latent perceptual capacities. Once we clearly isolate this spiritual element in our experience, verifying its real existence, it spontaneously begins to grow and develop according to its own organic intelligence.                                                                                                                                                                                        


As we know, our innermost nature is given different names according to different traditions, cultures, teachers, and individuals. "God", "Reality", "Tao", "Love", "The Divine", "Brahman", "Being", "Presence", "Oneness", "Consciousness", and "Awareness" are some of the names that are used to describe this phenomenon. It is a popular misconception, though, that all spiritual experience is the same, and that the names all point to the same exact reality. While it is true that all spiritual experience derives from the same ultimate source - reality - what is perceived can be experienced, and manifest, differently for different people. There are clearly cross-cultural similarities of spiritual and religious experience, but we must also honor the diversity and specificity of individual cultures and individual people. The truth is that there are many different spiritual possibilities available to human beings, as well many kinds of realizations. Our personal journey is one of realizing our unique spiritual potential, that is, how to know what is true for each of us.


Spiritual Possibilities

What is our spiritual potential?    What are our spiritual possibilities?

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Spiritual Difficulties

Covers common spiritual difficulties found on the path or in life.


What is "Spirit"?

Spirituality doesn't need to be mysterious or vague. It can be described with precision.

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