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Traditional Psychotherapy
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Conventional psychotherapy is different from transpersonal psychotherapy and has its own unique treatment goals, methods, and general orientation

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Group work includes group therapy, specialized classes on certain subjects, psycho-spiritual education, and small groups dedicated to spiritual work. Groups meet either occasionally or on an ongoing basis, depending on the need.

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Transpersonal psychotherapy is the result of the integration of the fields of psychotherapy and spirituality. This kind of therapy has both healing and spiritual aspects.

Group Bonding

I love working with this adolescents and young adults, and welcome those clients who are having some general difficulties with school, family, or peer groups. Developing a relationship with a trusted ally can be an immense support. Therapy for this population is age and development-appropriate.


Focusing more explicitly on the understanding, realization, and actualization of our spiritual nature, or the dimension of consciousness beyond the thinking mind.

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We're extremely fortunate to be able to integrate cutting-edge somatic therapies that help us regain our natural confidence in in our body and nervous system . This is the most gentle, sensitive, and intelligent approach to healing trauma.

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