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Re-collecting the Jewish Meditative Tradition



The Jewish tradition has a rich and full mystical lineage, but unfortunately - and especially to the detriment of modern Jewish folk - this stream of wisdom is less available in the West, compared to the mystical lineages of other traditions. Therefore, we find that many with a Jewish background seek out alternative spiritual traditions in order to fulfill a need for inner spiritual nourishment that is not being satisfied.


As with modern religion in general, there can be a perceived emptiness in the external form of rituals if they are not simultaneously pervaded with the real, inner substance of direct spiritual experience. While it's wonderful to learn spiritual techniques from other traditions, there's a definite emotional and "technical" loss involved if we move away from a native tradition that we have a connection to - whether a strong link or a minor one. If we have an authentic heart-connection to a particular spiritual tradition, we can more easily benefit from the "spiritual blessings", or the spiritual energy, that is unique to that tradition. These blessings contain spiritual power that can lend extra support to the develop our the soul, or our innermost consciousness.


The literal meaning of Kabbalah is "to receive". We receive spiritual wisdom by opening ourselves to this wisdom. And opening ourselves requires a specific kind of training. In this class, we will both study aspects of the Kaballah and learn methods of meditation and prayer that are unique to this tradition, opening us up to the blessings of direct Jewish mystical experience. This class is open to all regardless of religious orientation.

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