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Healing Trauma

Body-centered therapies such as 'Somatic Experiencing' and 'Sensorimotor Psychotherapy', and the continued development of neuroscience, have ushered in a new phase in the healing of trauma. We understand much better the necessity of processing these kinds of experiences using methods that utilize the knowledge of the deeper processes of the body, nervous system, and brain.  Trauma is essentially an experience, or collection of experiences, that overwhelm our natural defense system. To heal, we must repair our sense of safety and ground, which is done primarily through helping the body and nervous system successfully self-regulate, finding their natural equilibrium again.


In the beginning stages of therapy for trauma, we'll first discover and establish a solid base of safety and support by identifying all of the positive and empowering resources - however obvious or subtle - that currently exist in your life. It's important to know that when you come in for your first session, we won't go immediately into processing deep matters until later sessions. You can expect that we will use the early time to establish a working relationship, and beginning to lay the groundwork for future sessions. This is the stage that is known as 'resourcing'. 

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