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My Approach

Transpersonal psychotherapy with an integrative perspective includes and embraces the totality of our experience of being human. It holds each dimension of our lives with equal significance and value. Within this perspective, our spiritual nature is just as important as our human nature, which, in turn, is just as important as our animal and reptilian nature. Our biology and physical life need to be understood just as deeply as our psychological life, and so on with our social and relational life. We are human beings, which means that we are everything at once.These are a couple of examples that demonstrate the intelligence that can encompass the simultaneity of multiple perspectives that prove to be valid. A profound relaxation takes place when every part of us feels contained, valued, and held, because no part of our inner system feels subtly marginalized or alienated. We are seen at every level. This view of life creates an energy in therapy that is healing in and of itself.

What the psychological field has termed “transpersonal psychotherapy” is an exciting development and expansion in the field of psychology and spirituality. It increases the depth and breadth of understanding of human life, and enlarges our potential for healing, development, and self-discovery. While transpersonal psychotherapy is a unique development in the field of psychology and spirituality, it doesn't replace what we have learned from more conventional forms of psychotherapy. They can easily coexist, and I practice both forms of psychotherapy with the understanding that they can be used together or separately. The transpersonal view adds an extra dimension and perspective in the practice of psychotherapy that is useful for certain clients; other clients prefer or need conventional psychotherapy

I have studied the integration of psychology, neuroscience, and spirituality for the last 14 years. I received a Bachelor's degree in Contemplative Psychology (with a concentration in Somatic Psychology) from Naropa University, in Boulder, Colorado. And I received my Master's degree in Counseling from Regis University, in Denver Colorado.

As a spiritual practitioner, I have spent twelve years studying the modern spiritual tradition of the Diamond Approach. In addition, I have spent several years studying and practicing other spiritual traditions including the Gurdjieff Work, Tibetan Buddhism, and Waking Down in Mutuality/Trillium Awakening. I am interested and open to all spiritual, religious, philosophical, and psychological traditions, and am influenced by many others.

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