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What I Treat



A Note on Diagnosis and the Holistic Perspective


I work with most psychological issues and difficulties, and welcome whatever challenge or opportunity you're meeting at the moment. If I feel that another professional’s expertise may better serve you particular needs, I will refer you to their practice.

The holistic perspective views the meaning and treatment of personal and psychological difficulties, issues, symptoms, and life transitions, within a specific framework. Essentially, it acknowledges the validity of all useful perspectives and causes that relate or contribute to a client's needs. It is the most intelligent approach because it is the most well-informed and balanced approach. A holistic, or integrated view, honors that we are multifaceted beings who live within a complex web of systems in both our inner and outer lives.


It would be unwise to narrowly focus on a single dimension of understanding and treatment, such as only considering the biological perspective, for instance, or a purely cognitive-behavioral (CBT) perspective, as the sole determining factor in how we view treatment. All of these dimensions are valid and effective within their own domain, but due to the complexity of the human being, we need to be inclusive and flexible, and to be open to all of the possibilities that relate to our healing and self-understanding.

To give a few more examples to illustrate this point, we are also physical beings, as well as biological, psychological, relational, spiritual, cultural, sexual, racial and ethnic, socio-economic, gendered, and student/professional beings, and so on. There are many more dimensions of life that we simultaneously occupy, and we contain a multitude of personal identities, qualities, and characteristics. We have to take account of, and honor, all of who we are.


Specific Categories of Treatment:



Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Life Purpose








Inner Critic

Inner Child

Men's Issues

Spiritual Crisis




Life Transitions

Family Conflict

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